Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics

Nurturing trust in teams + departments.

Group-dynamic processes are powerful. They are the key – given the right intervention – to both dismantling resistance to change and propelling new momentum.
They are the force that enables a group to accomplish what no individual can. In fact, a good team with a clear objective can achieve far more than would the sum of its parts


Concentrating – on process + solution.

oncise facilitation and specifically targeted methods enable participants in my workshops to focus – free of distraction – on their very own topics.
What may appear easy and obvious, is the result of a well-planned didactical structure that allows participants to engage in such a way that they walk away with concrete results, clear targets, and an agreed plan of action.

Workshop-Topic Options (a selection)

  •  Strategic portfolio changes
  • Process adaptation
  •  Collaboration with interfaces and stakeholders
  • Restructuring
  • Annual kick-off and year-end events

Large group facilitation

Call on me when your conference or event requires a strong facilitator to lead a large group with both an eye on logistics and a hand at hosting. Of course, it all starts with your choice of the right Partner, working at your side throughout the planning and successful execution of your large-scale event.


Team-building activities and exercises can be easily integrated into business-oriented workshops. Often, a change of atmosphere is beneficial to fostering cooperation in the group’s approach toward the tasks at hand. A keen sense of how to balance these elements is my specialty.

Team Development

Team Development

Developing positive interactions.

Each team has its unique group dynamic and code of conduct – sometimes these are powerful and loud, at other times they are quiet and even unperceived. Still, given specifically initiated external impulses, group dynamics can be shaped positively by all its members. Empower yourselves to achieve more! I know how and when to lead the team out of its comfort zone and also when to extract myself; the result being, that the team will activate its inherent strengths in executing its transformation.

I prepare these modules with great care, so that they can be flexibly used for completely interactive team development. This allows for open dialogue and communication between team members as well as with their managers. By creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and by establishing trust, we build and strengthen healthy work relationships, which foster the drive and motivation needed to reach set goals and achieve outstanding results.

Team Development is ideal in:

  • preparing a strong team for impending changes
  • preparing a department with several teams for change
  • guiding of a team during change processes
  • developing a group’s ability to engage in constructive dialogue and problem-solving when open or hidden conflicts impair performance and progress

Scope: Team Development workshops usually take 1 to 2 days.