Organizational Consulting

Acquiring change skills.

What must we change, what should remain? The success of an organization or enterprise is closely linked to its ability to adapt. Such situations call upon our capacity to make definitive and sustainable changes. My expertise comes into play here because there are skills that, given methodological guidance, can be learned. These include active management, early dialogue between and involvement of managers and employees, as well as timely interventions.

Organizational Consulting


Actualizing leadership responsibilities.

As a company manager or executive, you bear the responsibility for processes, performance, and group dynamics – within your team and even company-wide.
This brings up questions such as: How do I lead effectively? What do I stand for? What is my vision? What strategic developments will I promote?

In the course of our coaching process, you will gain new perspectives on areas of influence and how to utilize these. Together, we will consider your leadership role and develop a variety of concrete action scenarios based on your specific professional tasks. Well-founded feedback and insights propel the process of transformation, developing tools such as deliberate reflection, well considered decision-making, solution-oriented and innovative thinking; which will help expand your field of opportunities for action.

Leadership coaching can take place on an individual basis or in an advisory capacity for management teams.


Acknowledging strengths + expanding the behavioral repertoire

My training programs are all customized; only then will they provide a sensible response to the specific needs of your enterprise. The exercises are interactive, encompassing a range of learning opportunities and sparking renewed energy, curiosity, and motivation to continue working on your topics independently.

Successful and sustainable training concepts are inherently modular; motivating participants to apply their new skills between units and enhancing the benefits of immersion within the familiar group of peers. By addressing genuine scenarios and situations, training sessions provide optimal relevance to current practices.

Topics + Areas of Focus:


A multi-modular program allows me to convey a thematic cluster on leadership competency that is applicable and comprehensive; with self-reflection, interaction and communication, conflict and group dynamics, business processes and leadership skills (such as personnel selection, change, management presentations, leading within a matrix, and much more). Participating managers will grow together as a peer learning group, supporting one another well beyond the conclusion of our seminar.

Conflict management

Organizations offer room to grow and develop. Often, dynamic processes are accompanied – consciously or sub-consciously – by complex emotions that can lead to conflict. This training prepares participants to recognize and understand group-dynamic patterns of conflict; as well as to more accurately gauge one’s own role therein.
This will enable positive navigation and effective resolution of future situations; so that even difficult issues can be mastered with new ease.


Internal voice – external accord; what happens when body and mind drift apart? A profound interaction can be observed and even harnessed. Not only does the psyche present itself non-verbally through physical expression or gestures, but also the reverse is true. For instance, posture can influence one’s cognitive acuity and emotional stamina.
The goal of this very physical training based on the concept of “Embodiment” is to find a more positive inner bearing that, in combination with communication techniques, will break old patterns and develop your capacity for more confident and effective communication.

Trainer Education

Train the trainer! This interactive and inspiration-guided seminar will spark great enthusiasm and motivation for one’s own role as a group trainer; honing and professionalizing both charismatic impact and didactic skills. In order to develop potential, it must first be released. A variety of exercises will help dismantle any (hidden) mental barriers – opening up new horizons as well as bringing out your most confident and commanding qualities as a trainer.