Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Self. Confident.

It takes time to find satisfying answers to the questions “Who am I?”,  “What motivates me?” and “What is my potential?”. The answers, however, are likely to stay with us our entire lives; so invest this time in reflection, self-perception, and discovery of your own self-worth.
Personal development is always productive because even the slightest shift in our own perspective and behavior also effect change in those around us.


Walking a part of the path together.

Your journey with me will be task- and resource-oriented. My position with regard to your chosen direction or solution will remain open and neutral towards your chosen solutions. Because you bring your inherent expertise, our process will transform this resource into the power to make bold decisions, alter perspectives with confidence, infuse new energy in your interactions with others. This counseling format is ideal for managers at all levels, employees, as well as individuals who wish to expand their repertoire and self-efficacy.

Occasions for coaching

  • Leadership role: discover your sphere of influence and be more impactful
  • Enduring ambivalence and gain clarity in decisions
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Work-context strains
  • Coping with change
  • Work-Life-Blending
  • Career development and job change
  • Preparing for assessment centers
  • Desire for personal growth
Workshop Whispers

Workshop Whispers

The goal determines the method

Team meetings, briefings or strategy meetings all require very different methods. “Can we do something different in our regular jour fix than show presentations or always use the same questioning format?” “As a manager, can I facilitate the next workshop myself?”

Of course! There are occasions or phases in the team process when this makes much more sens than involving an external facilitator. I’ll be happy to support you and share 25 years of my profession with you so that you can facilitate with confidence yourself.

Good facilitation with results that move a group forward in terms of content or process is a craft. It consists of a clear understanding of objectives and tasks, good agenda design and methods that fit the objective to make the desired result format possible in the first place. We will clarify the objectives and outcome formats and I will work with you or for you to develop an agenda with methods that you can facilitate yourself. This will also expand your own repertoire of methods while we go along.

This individual format is aimed at in-house facilitators, project managers and leaders.