Inspiring + inspired.

After many years in this profession and regular further training, I have assembled and continue to expand upon a broad portfolio of methods. Some methods have proven themselves over the years, others I will adapt specifically to your needs. As every method only comes to life through interaction, some of the building blocks in my toolkit only exist once in a very individual form.

Systemic Approach

More than a bag of tricks.

Working with the systemic approach is a fundamental attitude. I refine and professionalize this attitude continuously through regular advanced training. I am influenced by skillful systemic trainers and seek regular supervision. My approach considers context and the entire system. Which patterns reinforce problems? What new impulses could disrupt entrenched ways of thinking and behaving? It is my intention to agitate a situation or interaction and address seemingly difficult issues. I occupy an all-partisan position, staying open-minded in regard to your chosen path. It is my role to challenge you, without taking sides.
A systemic approach also recognizes the interplay of behavioral patterns in human interaction. In our work together, we will both acknowledge your achievements and approach new paths; exploring solutions with curiosity and externalized self-perception. In certain situations, I might utilize ‘respectful disrespect’ to break patterns and address the unspeakable.
Throughout any intervention, you’ll find that my own constant companions are sensitivity and humor.


The Coachhouse.

“Das Beraterhaus” is my working space. It is designed with love for interior design and shared with my clients and colleagues for mutual enrichment. It is the basis as well as the centerpiece of my work: a place with soul and good spirit in it, discreet, in the middle of Frankfurt, yet beyond cool skyscraper landscapes – the ideal place for intensive and personal development work and unusual workshops. Being able to work in this environment is part of my professional identity, the atmosphere of the house is my reliable co-facilitator.

Systemic Approach


Interference  + concordance.

In music, a new rhythm, beat, or flow will entirely shift the mood and direction of a piece. In the same way, I utilize my repertoire of interventions. Depending upon the size of the group or area of enquiry, I will vary or modify my combinations and tonality to suit the task.

Interventions (selection)

  • Status-quo analysis
  • Visioning and deriving respective strategies
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Systemic Questions
  • Impulses for a change of perspective
  • Timeline Process
  • Reflecting Team
  • Large group Facilitation
  • World Café
  • Teamdiagnosis
  • Psychometric testing
  • Exercises from theater and stage work
  • Workshop whispers: Event dramaturgy and consulting on workshop design for in-house facilitation