Offering fresh perspectives.

Empowering people to fulfill their potential – that is what motivates me. In my approach, I am respectful, pragmatic, and sure of my methods. I bring levity to difficult subjects and lead clients safely through precarious terrain to a clear view of their own possibilities. I introduce elements that are attuned to every client’s unique path toward finding new momentum and a fresh viewpoint, while preserving what already works. There will be goose bumps, emotional and even ‘Eureka!’ moments; because our human ability to change is among our most thrilling traits.

Personality development doesn’t happen overnight – it is a lifelong process. Everyone goes through difficult phases and must face hurdles in daily life. Every day, I strive with my own family, which includes my husband, three wonderful children, to maintain a delicate balance between daily realities of two working parents, household, commitments, heartache, and homework; while still nurturing the necessities of strength and security. Learning how to negotiate roles, stereotypes, and expectations is what it takes to shape the world of tomorrow.



To sum up my approach toward each project, I’ll quote Charles Dickens who once said: “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”
It’s true: it all starts with a good vibe. That said, I have honed my craft extensively. My organizational consulting, team development, and coaching know-how rest upon the solid foundation of a degree in Psychology, seven years combined industry experience as personnel development manager at two international corporations, countless inspiring advanced training courses, as well as many years of intercultural life and work experience in the US and Singapore.

Guiding, supporting, advancing have become my calling and my passion. “Das Beraterhaus,” which I founded in an old coach house and share in stimulating partnership with other counselors, is the platform and core of my work; a space with a good soul and spirit. Located discretely, yet in plain sight only a stone’s throw from central Frankfurt’s skyscraper landscape – it is an ideal space for intensive, private counseling.


Independent Consultant
2007–2008 Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Singapore
Manager Human Resources Development Asia & Pacific and Middle East
2005–2007 Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, Singapore
Manager Competence Center People Development Asia South
2002–2004 Ciba Spezialitätenchemie Lampertheim GmbH, Germany
Personnel Developer for Central Europe
1999–2002 Independent Consultant
1994–2001 Degree in Psychology

  • Philipps-Universität Marburg
  • Missouri State University, Springfield/USA
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor/USA (Forschungsaufenthalt)
  • Universität Mannheim (Diplom)

Additional qualifications:

  • Since 2004Systemic Therapist and Consultant
    certified by the Systemische Gesellschaft (SG) –
    German Society for Systemic Research, Therapy, Supervision, and Counseling. Training through the International Society for Systemic Therapy (IGST), Heidelberg
  • Certification in Psychometric Testing

Areas of Expertise.

  • Organizational Consulting
  • Guiding and consulting managers and executive teams through Change Management processes
  •  Training + Organizational Education at all levels
  • Workshops and solutions for operational processes
  • Conference facilitation, events, and solution taskforces with all stakeholders
  • Team development, team support and conflict facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Psychometric testing
  • International experience (4 years Singapore / 1.5 years USA)
  • Corporate and management experience (7 years employment in two international companies)
  • Working languages: German, English

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Substantive work.

More time with a client does not necessarily yield greater results. In some situations, one-time or short-term interventions provide the fresh impulses a client requires to catapult them onto a new trajectory, which they can continue to pursue independently.
In other situations, the elements of a case are more complex and require a more embedded approach; especially, when an entire department is affected or multi-faceted changes are being made. In my role as Trainer within organizations, I have often been asked to support entire squadrons of managers – even over the course of years – as a result of my insights into the company culture and nature of the organization.

In most cases, clients come to me based on a recommendation, especially in the area of conflict facilitation. They’ve been told to “call Miriam Hartz about this – she has the moxie to take it on.” My spectrum of clients includes small to mid-sized enterprises, large corporations, non-profit organizations, government-related institutions, and private sector companies.

Client list (a selection)

  • Airport Services Leipzig
  • Beate Heraeus Foundation
  • B. Braun
  • Capco
  • Chaps Merchandising
  • CSL Behring
  • Cubiks
  • Deutsche Post / DHL
  • EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg
  • Fresenius KABI
  • GIZ
  • Goodyear Dunlop
  • GroupM
  • Kinderzeit Gute Zeit
  • Lubrizol
  • Lufthansa Group
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Lufthansa Global Business Services
  • Lufthansa Systems
  • MediaCom
  • Merck Group
  • Miles&More
  • Mundipharma Research
  • Novartis
  • Teva ratiopharm
  • time:matters
  • Transpharm Logistik
  • Fresenius
  • KfW Group
  • Miles&More
  • Lufthansa InTouch
  • Aviation Quality Services
  • Quisma
  • Treuhand Hannover



Our modern society places a strong emphasis on the individual over community – often at the hidden expense of credibility. In recognizing the interplay of the self with one’s surrounding network, we can collectively foster and develop new value and meaning.
I share many connections with the members of my network – both professionally and personally. As colleagues, I have known and appreciated them for many years in a variety of contexts. We inspire one another, share in our continuous education, support each other in both project content and preparation, and even collaborate on suitable projects. And when a shared break from work presents itself, we enjoy nothing more than a sunny afternoon together in our favorite cafés.

Vitality + Clarity.

Petra Tisch
Conusltant and Entrepreneur

We met through a client in 2008, quickly discovering that we were practically neighbors. Petra’s energy is a wonderful engine for measurable change in difficult and demanding consulting processes. These days, we regularly support teams in conflict together – and truly enjoy it! As strange as it might seem, the act of pushing through stagnation, building bridges beyond internal borders, and liberating emotional competence where it seemed all but lost can be truly enjoyable. Here, a great deal is set in motion.

Trust + Empathy.

Friederike Hübner
Consultant and Business Economist

In 2008, a lucky substitution within a course led to my coincidental encounter with Friederike. Today, friendship and effortless cooperation connect us. Together, we conduct Strategy Workshops, multi-module Leadership programs and Team Development initiatives – often with very large groups. Our interactions, personal experiences, self-reflection, and practical management techniques play a significant role in our work as a well-coordinated team. Our demonstrations – at times subconsciously – of certain body language techniques such as “Pacing and Rapport” have enlightened and entertained many a participant.

Theory + Practice.

Dr. Anne Knaevelsrud
Consultant and Psychologist

Anne and I studied together in Mannheim, which means we are bound also by our great love for psychology. Our shared aim: putting science into practice. For our Change and Leadership workshops, we approach our processes consciously and intuitively from both the team dynamic and the business practice angle. Of course, over the course of our academic and professional lives, we have also studied and analyzed the most psychologically effective way to infuse these with easy humor.

Imagination + Competence.

Katrin Moritz
Consultant and Psychologist

Katrin’s considerable experience means she can call upon a treasure trove of methods in her work – she is a smooth facilitator, upbeat and has a keen eye for detail. From our very first workshop, our collaboration felt natural, our exchanges balanced. We are unafraid to introduce the new insights and formats acquired from our own ongoing training, sharing a strong conceptual vision and inspired by luminaries of the systemic scene. Our team development workshops are spot on, with a winning combination of dynamic pace and clear focus. And, in our Train the trainer seminars, we ignite a veritable firework of methods!